Upload your website using Dreamweaver 4
Step # 1
From "Site" menu choose "New Site" to open the following window


Site Name:
Type any name or the name of your site. This field is only for identification.

For example:
xyz or yourdomainname or whatever you like.

Local Root Folder:
Type the location of folder being uploaded or click 'FOLDER ICON" on the right hand side to locate your folder.
Check "Refresh Local File List Automatically".

HTTP Address:

check it


Step # 2 : Now click "Web Server Info". A new window will open:

Server Access :
Select "FTP"

FTP Host : www.yourdomainname.com or as provided by your host.
For Example: www.citycollegiate.com

Host Directory : / (Just type a forward slash sign "/" or ask your host)

Login : www.yourdomainname.com (For Example: www.citycollegiate.com)

Enter your choosen password

Check " Use Passive FTP"

Click OK
Step # 3: Now finally a site window appears
Double click your local folder at the right hand side of the above window. i.e. Local Folder (in this example click the folder which has the caption "C:\Windows\Desktop\swish").
Now click "Connect Button". When Connection is established, click "Put Files Button" Now relax & wait for uploading of your site.

If you face any difficulty ,ask your host about different entries to be filled, because some entries vary from one server to another server.
You can also upload or download files by click and drag from one window to the next window
If you want to upload only few pages or files ,select them,click and drag them to the next window

For downloading your web pages repeate same procedure but click "GET FILES" button instead of "PUT FILES" button .
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