Learn Flash 4 in easy steps
In the above diagram,notice a yellow line. Below the yellow line, there are the options that can change the behaviour of a tool. Whenever you choose a tool, related options of that tool are displayed at the bottom of the tool bar ( below the yellow line) . You can choose any option from the "option tray".We will discuss each option in the coming lessons.
If you are a beginner ,do not jump to the next page from the links below . Move from lesson to                 lesson by using index page.
Rectangle tool Basic drawing tool to create rectangles and squares. 
Oval tool Basic drawing tool to create circles and ovals
Arrow tool To select any portion of an image for editing purpose.
Pencil tool Free hand drawing tool to create any shape.
Line tool To draw a straight line of any thickness and style.
Text tool To type your text.
Paint bucket To fill a color to an object.
Ink bottle To draw an outline around an object.
Brush tool The brush tool draws brush-like strokes. 
Lasso tool Free-form selection tool
Eraser tool To erase unwanted portions of image
Dropper tool To copy fill and strokes from one shape or line and apply them to another shape or line.
Zoom tool To magnify or reduce the view of an object.
Hand tool To view any portion of an image