Print a web page
To print the current page , press "CTRL+P".
Coding of a web page
To see how any Web page was coded, right-click in the page, and then click "View Source".
Scrolling over different portions of a page
To scroll toward the end of a document, press the DOWN ARROW on keyboard.
To scroll toward the end of a web page in large increments, press PAGE DOWN key on your keyboard.
Full screen view of a web page
Press "F11" key on your keyboard . Jump to normal view again press "F11".
jump to back page and forward is a problem for me
When we open a number of web pages we often need to jump from one page to the other in the same window. Some times it is boring to click "Back" or "Forward" button again and again.
Don't worry!

To go to the next page, press "ALT+RIGHT ARROW" keys.

To go to the previous page, press "ALT+LEFT ARROW' or "BACKSPACE".
I don't like to see a lot of buttons on my screen
You can add or remove buttons on the toolbar. Right-click the toolbar and then click
"Customize"."Customize toolbar" dialogue box will open:
Click any tool in area marked "A" and click "Add" to add a tool in the toolbar.
Click any tool in area marked "B" and click "Remove" to Remove a tool from the toolbar.
To search a word on a web page
To search for a word or phrase on a Web page, press "CTRL+F" to open the Find dialog box and type your word or phrase in the box and click "find next".
To display a list of the Internet addresses you have typed in the Address bar,
press F4
Remove temporary internet files
When you view web pages they are stored in a folder named "Temporary internet files".
To remove these web pages from your hard disk:
click the Tools menu, click Internet Options, and then click Delete Files.
Have more space on browser window
You can drag your toolbar, Links bar, and Address bar anywhere you want . You can even combine them to save space.
Increase font size if you can't read properly
View > Text Size and choose desired font size.