Last Updated:
Nov 03, 2003
Enter into the world of internet
Using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5
address bar
In the "address bar" type the "URL" of a website and click "Go" button or press "Enter" key on your keyboard to open a website.
URL stands for "uniform resource locator". URL is actually the address of a particular website . Usually a URL is written as: of web
Normally http:// is not essential,you can only type
Remember : There should be no space in the address of a website.Web address consists of one word.
Tip : If you don't want to type http://www. and .com use keyboard shortcut which is "Ctrl+enter"
Example:Type only the name of a website say "citycollegiate" or "yahoo" in the address bar and press "Ctrl+enter".Here( +) means press "ctrl key" and without releasing it press "Enter key".
explorer automatically type full address as http:// or http://
: this short cut is useful only for ".com"domains .
Status bar
At the bottom of browser window you will find a status bar . Status bar indicates the status of downloading of a web page.It also indicates a number of other things (no need to mention here).
In the beginning it shows: opening page (meaning : page is downloading)
Then it shows: 3 or 5 items are remaining (meaning : some pictures or elements are still to download)
Finally: Done (page is completely downloaded)
A blue strip on the right side of the bar indicates the %age of downloading .In the above figure 50% page has downloaded.
Tool bar
It has very useful tools. We discuss each tool from time to time.
Opening more than one websites at a time
You can open more than one websites at a time without any difficulty.
First open a website then press "Ctrl+N" keys . A new window will open showing the same page as in the first window,don't worry.Type the address of another website and press "Enter key" to open a new website .In this way open as many websites as you wish.
Stop downloading a web page
To stop downloading a page, press "ESC" key on your key board or click "Stop" button.
If page is not downloading properly
Click "Refresh" button or press "Ctrl+R" or "F5" key.
To save a web page on your hard disc
File > Save as
To jump from one window to the other
Press and hold "Altr" key, press "Tab" key once, twice or thrice and release "Altr" key on the desired window. (This is a windows option)
Note: Here "hold" means "do not release key"
To save a page without opening it
Right-click the link for the page you want, and then click Save Target As.
(a link is where a "Hand" symbol appears when mouse over it) 
To save a picture without opening it
Right-click the link for the item you want, and then click Save Target As.
To make Web pages load faster
Sound files and images take relatively larger time as compared to text.You can turn off sounds and disable image display. 
From"Tools menu", click Internet Options, click the Advanced tab, then turn off sounds and pictures.
But you can not view images and hear sounds,only text will appear in the browser window.
To move to the beginning of a document 
press "HOME" key on your keyboard.
To move to the end of a document 
press "END" key on your keyboard.
To move to address bar without using mouse
Don't click in the address bar to type a website's address just press "Altr+D" and start typing web address.
Closing current window(web page)