Learn To Create Amazing Text Effects
Introduction to Flax™
    Flax is a very useful software to create amazing animated text effects in less than one minute. Flax™ is   very easy to learn.  
Flax™ Interface
    Flax™ consists of only three small windows and one movie display canvas.  
    (1) Text Properties  
    (2) Movie properties  
    (3) Effects  
Text Properties
  In this menu we choose the following parameters of   our movie:
  TEXT=Type your text here.
  X=Horizontal position of text in your movie in pixels.
  Y= Vertical position of text in your movie in pixels.
  Font=Choose any font.
  Spacing=This field refers to the spacing between   two alphabets.
  Color=Choose any color for your text.

  The text position can also be adjusted by dragging   the text from the canvas to a new position.
Movie properties
    In this portion we choose width,height and   background color of movie.

  Fps=frame per second. Fps refers to speed of movie.
  The width and height of the movie can also be   adjusted simply by resizing the main canvas.
    This is the real magic of Flax™.
  Click small triangle next to "Flag" and choose any   effect.
  User Defined: Choose any style or create your own.
  Direction:There are two possibilities of rotation
  (1) Clockwise
  (2) Anti-clockwise

  Flax™ uses its own font format. Flax supports 14 font. However you can convert a number of fonts by using   the following method:
  File>Convert TTF fonts
  Choose desired font and click "OK".
  NOTE: Bold is not allowed.
Export as SWF
    We can convert a Flax file into ".SWF FILE" to put it into a web page and import it into Flash™.