Export command
We can convert flash files into a number of graphic formats to use them in different graphic softwares .
To convert flash format to other formats:
From "file menu" choose "export image" to convert an image into another image format.
From "file menu" choose "export movie" to convert a movie into another format.
In the dialogue box select desired format such as GIF, JPEG,BMP etc etc....Click "OK".
Image formats that can be exported from flash:(only PC users)
.jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .emf, .wmf, .eps, .ai, .dxf, .swf, .spl.
Import command
You can import images and sound files from other applications in the same way as described in export command.
From file menu choose "import" and select desired image file or sound file.
Import dialogue box
Select a file name and file type (gif,jpeg....bmp etc.), click "open".
Note: Vector images are imported in "group" form. They must be ungrouped before making any change. On the other hand 'bmp' images must be "break apart".
Formats that can be imported into flash:(only PC users)
.jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .emf, .wmf, .dib, .eps, .ai,, .wav, .dxf, .swf, .spl.
Warning: Once you convert a ".fla file" into ".swf file" you can not make any change in it. Therefore, it is advised to save a copy of the same movie in ".fla format" for future editing purpose.
Flash creates two file formats:
(i) .fla (ii) .swf
Common browsers such as internet explorer and Netscape supports only "swf files".
We can not view a ".fla file" on browsers.
In order to make our movie or image viewable on browsers we must convert it into "swf" file.
File > export movie
Choose file type .