Text tool
Yes this is your typing tool.
It has the following options:
Type your text
(i) Click "Type tool" i.e.. choose a font style and font size.
(ii)Click on the work area and start typing.
Resize text
Select arrow tool. Click text to be resized and follow the method as described in previous lessons.
Text field
Text fields are text boxes. If we type some text in a text field,our text automatically adjusts in the text field.
Create a text field ?
(i)Select "type tool" from the tool bar.
(ii) Click  button.

(iii) Click on the work area and drag from left to right and then to bottom to create a text field.
(iv) Type some text in the box.
Note: Small box at the bottom of text field is "resize handle". Drag it to resize text box. It will not affect the size of text. It will only change the size of text box.
Spacing between two alphabets is called "kerning".We can adjust spacing between two alphabets by using "kerning" command.
From "modify menu" choose "kerning" then select narrower or wider.